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What is a Display Baby Shower? 5 Benefits and How to Throw One

Planning a baby shower is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. The host has to worry about location, food, activities, guests, and more.

One way to simplify the process for you and your guests is to have a display baby shower. A display baby shower is a unique way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your new baby. It’s very different from traditional baby showers, but can be just as much fun.

Are you intrigued? Read on to find out more about display baby showers, and see if this is the type of party you should have.

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What is a display baby shower?

A display baby shower is a variation of the more traditional baby showers. A traditional baby shower sets aside a chunk of time for the mom or parents-to-be to open all the gifts. Usually, the honorary guest is surrounded by family and friends. She is then put in the spotlight with all eyes on her. Talk about stress!

With a display baby shower, the guests bring unwrapped gifts for the mother-to-be rather than gifts that are wrapped. You may ask, but where’s the fun in that? The presents are then set up on a designated table where everyone can see them. They are literally on display.

Since the gifts are not wrapped, you may think that the gift table will look a little plain. Yes, it’s true that there’s no pretty wrapping paper or fancy gift bags. But the gifts can still be finished off with a ribbon or big bow and a tag that states who they came from.

unwrapped presents for a display baby shower

Benefits of a display baby shower

1. Less awkward than a traditional baby shower

Some people may feel that traditional baby showers are a little too awkward. Especially when it is time to open gifts. With a display baby shower, there is no pressure to open gifts in front of guests. There is no ooh-ing and ahh-ing for an hour while the mom-to-be opens the 50th bodysuit set. Guests can come and go as they please, browsing the gifts at their leisure.

2. More time to mingle with mom-to-be and other guests

At a display baby shower, there will not be a designated gift-opening time. Hallelujah! It’s not all about opening presents and then going home. There is more time to mingle with the mom-to-be, which can be nice for guests. With a display shower, there’s plenty of opportunities to chat and socialize. Not to mention more time for food and those fun baby shower games.

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3. Eco-friendly and Cost-Effective

Because gifts are not wrapped at a display baby shower, it is environmentally friendly. And it saves your guests money since there is no need to wrap gifts with expensive wrapping paper or gift bags. Your guests will save so much green – trees and money!

4. Less Prep and Clean-up

When you invite your guests to a display baby shower and request unwrapped gifts, guess what happens? You save your guests the time they would’ve had to wrap their present. Am I the only one who has wrapped a present on the way to the actual event?! Talk about stress!

On the other end, there is no wrapping paper to unwrap. So there is less mess than if your guests had brought wrapped gifts. No more trash bags full of crinkled and torn wrapping paper. Hooray!

5. Conversation Starter

A display baby shower is also a great ice breaker and conversation starter. With all the gifts in one place, it’s easy to chat with guests about how cute that little outfit will look on the new baby or how to use the newest baby contraption.

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How to Let Your Guests Know About the Display Baby Shower

So this post has convinced you to have a display baby shower. How will you let your guests know about your wishes? When you or the person planning the baby shower are sending your invitations out to your guest list, it’s important to let them know that the event will be a display baby shower. You may want to mention this in your invite, or include it on the RSVP card for guests who respond electronically.

The next section, “Display Shower Invitation Wording Ideas”, will help you with what to say in your invitation. You can choose from a formal note or a cute poem.

Display Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Here are some great ideas on what to include in your display shower invitation:

Display Baby Shower Invite Wording cub invite
Display Baby Shower Invite Wording ladybug invite
Display Baby Shower Invite Wording bird invite

Final Thoughts on Display Baby Showers

Display baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your new baby. They’re a nice change from traditional baby showers and they also have some other benefits!

With less wrapping paper used, there is less trash for you and your guests to deal with after the event. And it’s a lot easier on both mom-to-be and her guests when she doesn’t need to open presents in front of everyone else – that awkward moment will not be present this time around!

Would you consider a display baby shower for yourself? Let me know your thoughts below!

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