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What to Wear to Your Baby Shower: The Complete Guide

Having a baby comes with a considerable amount of things to think about. You have to decorate the nursery, decide on whether to use cloth diapers, and worry about the actual labor and delivery part. The last thing on your mind is probably what to wear to your own baby shower! I know it was for mine, so thank goodness for Amazon Prime, am I right? ????

Don’t be like me and leave this important wardrobe choice until the last minute! Your baby shower is a chance to celebrate your bump, so make sure it is a fashionable one. This post will help you figure out what to wear to your own baby shower so you can check that item off your list!

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What to Consider When Choosing Your Baby Shower Outfit

Comfort is Key

Most likely, you’re having your baby shower in the third trimester. If the last few months have taught you anything, it’s that comfort is of the utmost importance. Baby showers can be tiring! You will be on your feet, walking around, and mingling with your guests. You will want to choose a baby shower outfit that is very comfortable to sit in, walk in, and take photos in. 

Show off the bump

This may be an obvious one, but your baby shower guests want to see your bump! Your bump is the star of the show (sorry, mama!). Wear something that highlights that precious cargo, so definitely no mumus. You will want something that hugs your curves and announces to everyone, “Hey world! I’m pregnant and I’m proud of it!”

Baby Shower Outfit

But don’t show too much

While you do want to show off your bump, you DO NOT want to show too much during your baby shower! Keep in mind that you’ll probably be sitting in a chair in a circle while opening gifts. Since you’re in the late stages of your pregnancy, you can’t modestly cross your legs. Try not to choose an outfit that is super short and can ride up when you sit down. 

The same rule applies to your cleavage. You’re probably noticing that your breasts are much bigger as your pregnancy nears the end. Choose a bra and outfit that are supportive and keeps everything in place. 


You can narrow down your outfit choices depending on what season you have your baby shower in. Having a winter baby shower? You probably won’t wear that summery maxi with the fluttery sleeves. And you probably won’t want to wear that sweater dress if you’re having a spring baby shower.

But then again, you and your bump are the starring roles and you can wear whatever you feel the most beautiful and comfortable in.

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Finally, consider the cost when looking for a baby shower outfit. Set a budget that you are comfortable with and don’t stray from it! You can also consider an outfit that may be worn for different occasions, say a black dress that can be worn to work, but then dressed up with accessories and fancy (but comfortable shoes)  for your baby shower.

Renting versus buying your baby shower outfit

Another cost-effective and stylish option is to rent what you’ll wear to your baby shower! This way, you have access to a closet of designer clothes for only a fraction of the cost. Rent the Runway (link) has hundreds of outfits to choose from, starting at $30 for a 4-day rental with shipping (and returns) included. And better yet, you can include a back-up size for free! This rental company makes selecting an outfit easy as you can sort by color, formality, weather, and the style you are looking for.

Check out Rent the Runway and use this link to get $30 off your first order!

Renting your baby shower outfit is a smart and cost-effective way to wear a designer dress, but with the added benefit of returning it since you’ll only need the outfit for this special occasion. 

Outfit Ideas by Style

So now that you have an idea of what to keep in mind when looking for a baby shower outfit, it’s time to look at some inspirations!

Short Dress Ideas

A short dress is fun and flirty and can make you feel sexy (even if you think you look otherwise). Opt for a bodycon dress for a fitted look or a faux wrap dress for more breathing room. As stated before, I would recommend a short dress that hits your knee and probably no shorter. Remember that your bump can make a short dress even shorter. This can cause a problem when it’s time to sit in front of everybody while opening gifts. 

Long Dress Ideas

A long dress is the perfect outfit to make any mama-to-be feel very feminine and maternal. Show a little skin with an off-shoulder neckline or consider a dress with an empir waist that will drape beautifully over your growing bump. An added benefit to a long dress is that it can cover any lower leg and feet swelling!

Blouse with Pants Ideas

There is no rule that you HAVE to wear a dress to your own baby shower! If you feel more comfortable in a blouse and pants, go for it! What matters is that you and baby are comfortable. My favorite maternity work pants dress up nicely for a special occasion if paired with a fancy maternity blouse!

Outfit ideas by season

If you prefer to shop by season, here are some great baby shower outfits based on whether you need an outfit for warm weather or colder weather

Spring/Summer Ideas

Florals will make you and your bump pop in the spring and summer. Choose a lightweight material such as ____ to keep you cool and comfortable. And just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy! Be bold with a ruffle top or show a little leg with a high-slit maxi skirt. 

Fall/Winter Ideas

The colder weather doesn’t mean you have to bundle up – especially at your baby shower! A sweater dress can still hug your curves and show off your bump while keeping you cozy and warm. Or you can choose a long-sleeved vintage dress with a plunge neckline or asymmetric hemline to keep things interesting.

Outfit ideas under $25

Just because you want to look and feel beautiful on your baby shower day doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Here are some options that are easy on the eyes and the budget. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what you choose to wear to your baby shower, you will be one hot mama! Why? Because your body is providing life to another human being! You will be glowing and confident and this blog post gives you outfit ideas that will only add to that. Congratulations, mama! Have an amazing baby shower. Be sure to take in all of the memories and good times. More are yet to come! ????

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