To the Boy Who Made Me a Mom

To the Boy Who Made Me a Mom

Dear Son,

You have changed me. You have made me a mother – the greatest role of my lifetime. I didn’t know how much I wanted to be a mother until I became a mother to you. I have never experienced another love like this.

You have made me tired, but I am so in love. When you were placed in my arms for the first time, my heart exploded with the amount of love I had for you even though I just met you. I may not sleep as much, but my lack of sleep is forgotten during those tender middle-of-the-night feedings, when it’s just me and you, sitting in the rocking chair, your little body curled against mine. I may have a loads of laundry and piles of dishes to do, but all of that is swept from my mind when I’m swaying you back to sleep, your big eyes slowly closing, your tiny fingers wrapped around mine. These moments are fleeting and I am going to savor each one.

You have made my body softer, but I am beautiful. My body changed while I was pregnant with you, ever expanding and changing shapes to make room for the growing you. It continued to amaze me when I gave birth to you, allowing me to realize how strong my body is. During the first six months of your life, my body provided you with your only source of nutrition. My body may be different than it was before you existed, but I love it more now because without it, I wouldn’t have you.

You have made the marriage between me and your father different, but our love is stronger. There’s nothing like true love when you are changing a poopy diaper together. With you in our lives, we realize we are partners, working together to raise an individual to be compassionate and kind. As I watch your father kiss you on your forehead or slow dance you back to sleep, I love him exponentially more than the day we got married. I said in my vows to your father that “Without you, the bad days would be darker and the good days wouldn’t shine as bright”. Now, this vow apply to you and how much you complete us.

Finally, you made me…me. My identity is not just myself anymore. I am no longer just a daughter, a sister, or a wife. I am now somebody’s mother! Your mother! This is the best version of myself. When I look at you and you’re smiling your toothy smile back, there’s nobody else I’d rather be. I’m excited for our adventure together and I know the best is yet to come.

Thank you for making me a mother.


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