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So after reading about the benefits and frequently asked questions about cloth diapers, you’re seriously considering using them for your little one and you want to know which one is “The One”, right? I’m so sorry to tell you, but this is not that kind of post! Not only are there so many different types of cloth diapers, but also the brands within the different types! Finding “The One” will depend on your family, lifestyle, and budget. This post is to tell you about our favorite cloth diaper brand and the reason why it makes up 100% of our entire cloth diaper stash!

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Lalabye Baby Cloth Diapers

We LOVE Lalabyes! When I first started researching about the different types and brands of cloth diapers, Lalabyes were on my list of ones to check out! Of course, I would recommend getting a variety of styles and brands at first because you never know which one is the best fit for you and your family until you try it. For us, as soon as we tried a Lalabye diaper on Remy, we were hooked. As soon as we had a good Lalabye stash going, all of our other trial diapers (some of which weren’t even used at all!) were put up for sale!

Note: Because of the excellent resale value of cloth diapers, it never hurts to try out other diapers at the beginning to see which one you like best. It wouldn’t be so good to buy one type of diaper before test-driving it and realizing that you don’t like it and then having to start over with your stash.

Our current Lalabye Baby Stash

Two-in-One Cloth Diapers: AI2 and Pocket Styles

Lalabye baby diapers give you bang for the buck because with each diaper, you really get two styles of diapers!

All-in-two (AI2) Diaper

Simply snap the bamboo inserts on top and you can reuse the unsoiled cover multiple times! Just toss the dirty inserts into your wet bag, snap in new ones, and you’re good to go!

Lalabye AI2

Pocket Diaper

If your little one has a wet sensitivity, you can stuff the inserts into the wide pocket and you have a stay-dry diaper because of the micro-suede interior! However, you cannot reuse the diaper if you use it this way. Currently, we are using our Lalabyes as pocket diapers and we love it!

Lalabye Pocket

Cloth Diaper Snap System

The Lalabye Baby snap system is what caught our attention. I mean, it’s rainbow-colored! One of the hesitations I had with cloth diapers, to begin with, was the snaps. I thought it would be hard for a caretaker to count out the snaps that Remy is currently on (all while Remy is squirming and rolling over). Lalabyes solved that problem because of the colored snaps. Diaper changes are a breeze because everyone knows which colored snaps he’s on. “Oh, Remy’s on the green snaps”. Even the pediatrician commented how his cloth diaper was the easiest one she’s put back on after his wellness checks! 🙂

How to Use Cloth Diapers at Daycare 2

Lalabye cloth diapers also come with a hip snap, which helps to reinforce the waistband. It also keeps the diaper from drooping, getting a perfect fit for your little one and preventing any leg gaps.

Lalabye Hip Snap

Easy to clean

The issue with other pocket diapers is that you have to pull out the soiled insert prior to washing, either during diaper changes or all at once on wash day. Either way, it’s probably not something you’re looking to do. The great thing with Lalabye baby diapers is that you don’t need to do this! If you use them as a pocket diaper, the wide pocket openings are on both ends and allow for the inserts to agitate out during the wash! How great is that? Not to mention that the wide openings make it MUCH easier to stuff once they are washed. I can get my whole arm up there!

Lalabye Pocket Opening

Once you run your Lalabyes in the washer, it is recommended to air dry the covers, but they dry super fast. I usually air dry overnight while we’re sleeping and they are ready to stuff the next day. The inserts can be tossed into the dryer with the rest of the laundry.

Cloth Diapers Hang Dry

Cloth Diaper Bamboo Inserts

When you buy a Lalabye Baby cloth diaper, TWO bamboo inserts come included, which is a great bang for your buck since bamboo inserts from other brands can cost up to $3 by themselves! Bamboo is a highly absorbent natural fiber – it’s 4 times more absorbent than cotton! It is biodegradable and also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to keep your baby’s bum clean. Bamboo inserts are super soft, fluffy, and breathable so it keeps your baby comfortable and cool, even when wet.

Lalabye Bamboo Inserts

Trim Fit

Because bamboo is so absorbent, you don’t need to stuff your diapers to the brim with other inserts. Therefore, Lalabyes are super trim. Mind you, your little one’s fluff butt is still pretty fluffy compared to a disposable diaper, but it is much more trim compared to other cloth diapers. Remy is still able to fit into his normal-sized clothes and we haven’t had to size up for his onesies or pants.

Lalabye Trim Fit


Lalabye Baby cloth diapers are sold through many online retailers and have a price tag of $20-$23. Many of these retailers offer free shipping when you buy a certain amount, so be sure to shop around to get the best deal! While the cost may seem steep, many other brands of pocket and AI2 diapers costs ~$18-$20 and DO NOT come with any inserts, especially not the fancy bamboo ones! So when you buy Lalabyes, you’re buying a complete diaper. We haven’t had to buy any additional inserts or boosters, so you’re definitely saving more money!

Final Thoughts

We are so happy that we found Lalabye Baby Diapers early on in our cloth diapering adventure! Our cloth diaper stash is 100% Lalabye and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Here are our favorite places to buy Lalabye Baby Diapers:

What cloth diaper brands do you love? Any that you would recommend?

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