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How to Sell Used Cloth Diapers: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Money Back

Your toddler is just about potty trained and you are wrapping up your cloth diaper journey! Hooray for you, mama! But now the question is: what do you do with these gently used cloth diapers?

Options include donating them to another “crunchy” mom or repurposing them into other useful items.

Another option is to sell your loved cloth diaper stash. This is one of the benefits of using cloth diapers! You have the ability to recoup some of your initial investment. You also save the environment by passing them on. Win-win. This blog post will be a guide on how to sell used cloth diapers!

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Why Should I Sell Your Used Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers are not only great for baby, but they are beneficial to the environment. They do so by preventing more trash in the landfill. Once your toddler is potty trained and officially out of diapers, your cloth diapers may still have a lot of life in them. Thus, you can sell your used cloth diapers. This allows another family to lower their carbon footprint and save money too.

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Another reason you should sell your used cloth diapers is because of money. Let’s be honest. Your cloth diaper stash is cheaper than what disposable diapers would’ve been. Yet, it is still not that cheap. You may earn some of your money back by selling cloth diapers that you no longer use.

Is There a Market for Used Cloth Diapers?

I know what you may be thinking – could there possibly be a market for used cloth diapers? I mean, everybody knows that these were pooped in. Who would want to buy them?

But yes, there is a market for used cloth diapers.

A new mom may be trying out a few brands or styles of cloth diapers. Thus, she doesn’t want to shell out any money until she figures out what she likes.

First-time parents may be looking for ways to save money. Used cloth diapers are a great option as they can be found at a fraction of the cost of new.

Some prints or brands may be very desirable and popular in the cloth diaper community. These are called “unicorns” or “HTF” (hard-to-find) prints. This happens because a cloth diaper brand may only release a certain number of new prints or colors. Thus, they are in high demand.

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As with any market, there can be a high or low demand. There may be high demand if few parents are selling their stash. It is then a “seller’s market” where the seller can set the price and stashes can move quickly.

On the flip side, if many people are trying to sell their cloth diaper stash, there may be low demand. Thus, it is now a “buyer’s market” and the buyer will have lots to choose from. This may drive the prices down and some sellers may find it hard to get rid of their listings.

There’s no telling in advance what kind of market you are entering when you are ready to sell your cloth diapers. If it is a saturated market, my only advice is to be patient and to have realistic expectations (more on that below).

Where Can I Sell My Used Cloth Diapers?

Luckily with the internet, there are many ways to list your used cloth diapers. Like other items that people are selling, cloth diapers can be listed on sites such as eBay or Craigslist.

Facebook is also an option with Facebook Marketplace and B/S/T (Buy, Sell, Trade-in) groups. Certain brands may have a dedicated B/S/T group. Search for “BRAND” + B/S/T in the Facebook search bar and request to join any groups that come up.

How do I List My Used Cloth Diapers?

As with anything you list online, you want to be honest about what you are selling. Be descriptive of the brand, quantity, and condition of your used cloth diapers. Take into consideration if there’s any pilling, how the elastics are, and if staining is present. Use a clear photo when listing your items. Also include what inserts come with the cloth diaper or if it’s just the cover.

Most Facebook cloth diaper B/S/T groups will have guidelines to follow when listing cloth diapers for sale. This is to inform the buyer exactly what they are purchasing and in what condition.

You may encounter some abbreviations in the used cloth diaper community:

Cloth Diaper BST Abbreviations

-NWT – New with tags

-EUC – Excellent used condition

-VGUC – Very good used condition

-GUC – Good used condition

-PPD – Postage paid domestic

What Price Should I Sell My Used Cloth Diapers For?

When setting your listing price, you want to be realistic on what your cloth diapers will sell for. Research what others of the same brand and condition have SOLD for, not what they are listed at. This will help set your expectations and also allow you to be competitive.

If you set your price too high, customers will pass and your cloth diapers will sit until you lower your prices. If you set your prices too low, you will lose out on money!

pile of cloth diapers with price tag

Be realistic when setting your prices. And be fair when it comes to conditions as well. If it’s not a new diaper, it may be hard justifying a list price that is more than 50% of retail.

You also need to figure out if you will be selling your used cloth diapers as an entire stash or list each diaper individually. Going the stash route is convenient as it saves on shipping (as opposed to shipping each diaper separately). Plus, you get rid of everything all at once.

However, stashes may be harder to sell as many buyers are looking to add individual cloth diapers to their stash. Especially if they are new parents or to cloth diapers and they want to try a certain brand. They will pass a listing if a seller is selling as a stash only. Plus, full stashes may be a larger one-time expense, even if the per-diaper cost is lower than selling one at a time.

You can always start your listing as a stash. If there’s no interest, you can change your listing to selling each diaper individually.

Final Thoughts

A cloth diaper journey is full of learning experiences. This ranges from using newborn cloth diapers, learning what brand of diaper your family prefers, and if you can also use disposables at the same time.

And when a cloth diaper journey ends, you may decide to sell your stash to recoup some of your initial investment back. This guide walked you through how to sell used cloth diapers from where to list them and how to price them. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with a fellow cloth diaper mama!

Have you sold your used cloth diapers? What was your experience like? Comment below so we can chat!

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