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Our $40 Diaper Bag

When you’re choosing a diaper bag, there are multiple things to consider before picking the right one. I mean, whenever you have your baby with you, this diaper bag will be on your other shoulder, so you want to make sure it has the functionality and form that you want.

We found our diaper bag pretty quickly as it is pretty popular among the mommy Facebook groups that I’m a part of and mentioned quite frequently. It is called the HaloVa Diaper Bag and is also an Amazon’s Choice with over 2,300 reviews and 4.5 stars out of 5! Ten months later, we love this diaper bag and would recommend it to other families who are looking for a modern diaper bag that fits all of your needs. Read on to see what’s so great about it!

Diaper Bag 2

Gender Neutral

Since my husband was looking to help carry the diaper bag when were out and about, it was important to find one that was pretty gender neutral. In his mind, there’s nothing worse than carrying a bright pink diaper bag with a floral design. 🙂 We loved that this diaper bag came in many colors, so we had many options. We ultimately chose a neutral gray that matched our aesthetic. It was modern and matched our style, no matter if we were going out to a fancy party or if we were going to the park.

Diaper Bag

Backpack Style

This diaper bag came in the backpack style that we preferred. We prefer backpack style over the messenger style because backpacks are much easier to juggle while dealing with a squirmy infant/toddler, a stroller or shopping cart, car keys, hot coffee, etc. I always hated that when I carried a messenger bag and bent down to do something (tie shoe, pick up dropped keys), the bag would swing over and can make me lose my balance!

Diaper Bag Backpack Style

Wide Opening

This is one of the best features of this diaper bag. Because of the wide opening that stays open with metal framing, there’s less rummaging around, looking for stuff and messing up your neatly packed diaper bag. It is very easy to see inside and grab exactly what you’re looking for.

Diaper Bag Opening

Surprise Opening

Another way that this diaper bag keeps everything neat and in their place is the surprise opening in the back! This may not seem like much, but it’s kind of a GAME CHANGER! Imagine have a deep diaper bag and you need to get something that is all the way at the bottom. You can either take everything on top out or you can have to stick your arm down there and feel out what you’re looking for. OR you can have a conveniently-placed back pocket that will allow access to the items on the bottom. We usually have our diapers and a change of clothes on the bottom, but they are so easy to get during diaper changes because of this pocket!

Diaper Bag Back Opening

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets

Speaking of a neatly packed diaper bag, this diaper has so many interior pockets that it forces you to be neat! There are 5 interior pockets with elastic bands so you can fit whatever you need to in them! We like to use them for cloth wipes, bibs, hand sanitizer, socks, you name it! This keeps all the smaller things more organized so the main pocket can be used for the diapers, wetbag, change of clothes, etc.

This diaper bag also has large side pockets that are expandable. The left pocket has an opening for a wipe container, but we don’t use it in this way (as we use cloth wipes).

Diaper Bag Side Pockets

Insulated Pocket

This diaper bag includes an insulated pocket in the front that can be used for slimmer bottles. Unfortunately, we can’t fit our Comotomo bottles in the individual sleeves, but one bottle can fit still fit in the front section itself with a small ice pack.

Diaper Bag Insulated Pocket


The price is another important factor when consider a diaper bag. You don’t want to spend all of your money on this diaper bag or you won’t have any left over for the things inside! 🙂 Also, you don’t want a super expensive and fancy diaper bag since it will be thrown around and have things spilled on it, etc. At about $36, this diaper bag is a great value for the money. Most other bags we were looking at cost well over $100!

Overall, we are very happy with our diaper bag. We have used it pretty heavily for the first 10 months and it has held up well. And even better, we can stuff it to the brim and it doesn’t look so big when you actually wear it. It’s durable, easy to clean, easy to pack and a great buy! What kind of diaper bag are you looking for or already have and why do you love it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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