Baby’s First Christmas Tree

Christmas is almost here! This holiday season has entirely snuck up on me. In previous years, I would have had the Christmas tree up already and decorated, chestnuts roasting, fireplace a-glowing, and the whole shebang. I’m procrastinating this year because we now have a little toddler that likes to explore EVERYTHING! That won’t do with fragile ornaments and glittery things as Remy loves to test out gravity and put all the things in his mouth. Maybe our tree will be naked this year or maybe the ornaments will only be on the top half of the tree….????

Either way, I still wanted to get into the holiday spirit and start a cute tradition for our family! So I found a great, interactive felt Christmas tree for Remy to “decorate” as his own little tree!

Felt Christmas Tree

It comes with 30 felt ornaments that are detachable as the velcro is on the back of each ornament. The ornaments are made of stiff felt and are pretty good quality. There is a nice variety of ornaments from snowflakes, candy canes, presents,etc with vibrant colors.

Felt Christmas Velcro

The Christmas tree itself is made of the same felt material as the ornaments. It does come with wrinkles from being folded when it was shipped. You could take an iron and quickly get rid of the creases, but I was in a hurry to hang the tree for Remy to play with!

You can hang the Christmas tree on the wall or attach it to the wall with tape. I used one Command Picture Hanging Strip for the top and it has held up fine so far.

After reviewing many other options on Amazon, I chose this Christmas tree because it allowed Remy to put the decorations anywhere on the tree, even all in one spot (but please don’t. Your OCD mom would not be able to handle that). The other felt trees on Amazon had a grid of felt squares which predetermined where the ornaments could go. I didn’t like that restriction on creativity, so this tree was perfect!

Felt Christmas Ornaments

Having this Christmas tree on the wall serves more function than just decoration. It’s an interactive activity for Remy to learn from and be creative. Remy and I go through each ornament’s colors as he puts them on the tree. It’s also a sensory activity as he feels the different shapes and texture of the felt, working on his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to attach each ornament to the tree. Hanging the Christmas tree from the wall allows Remy to work on his gross motor skills with standing with assistance and squatting down to pick up more ornaments.

Felt Christmas Remy

This felt Christmas tree will become a great tradition for our family and I know that Remy will enjoy it for years to come as he decorates and redecorates it for the holidays. What holiday traditions do you have in your family?

Now let me be brave and start putting up our real Christmas tree…..wish me luck!

Baby's First Christmas Tree Pin

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