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11 Things to Know Before Visiting the Blue Lagoon

When you think of the magical land of Iceland, you undoubtedly also think of the mystical and ineffable beauty of the Blue Lagoon. Just imagine: you’re submerged in 100 degree milky baby blue water with steam surrounding you while you overlook the mountainous horizon. While most Icelanders pooh-pooh at the Blue Lagoon as being too touristy (and it is), I recommend a visit at least once. It’s an experience that’s worth the splurge and at the end of the day, it’s still a few hours of pampering and mud masks. What’s not to love?

Now that I got you all excited about the Blue Lagoon, there is some information that you should know before going to make the most out of your visit. Lucky for you, this post is going to give you the top 11 things you should know before visiting the Blue Lagoon!

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1. Book online and in advance

Sorry, Charlie. There are no walk-in appointments at the Blue Lagoon. If you know you want to experience the Blue Lagoon, it’s best to buy your tickets before you even land in Iceland. Because the Blue Lagoon is very close Keflavik airport (about 20 minutes) and is less than an hour from Reykjavik, it is a very popular destination with tourists and can sell out quickly.

2. Timed Entry

When you book your Blue Lagoon tickets online in advance, you’ll be asked to choose an entry time, which has a certain number of tickets allocated to each hour. This is so that there’s not a huge rush of people at certain times throughout the day. You’ll have an hour from your entry time to make your way in. If you don’t make it to your booked entry time, there is no guarantee that you’ll be allowed to enter, so plan your itinerary carefully!

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3. It will smell

It will definitely smell. Chalk this up as part of the Blue Lagoon experience. This is from the sulfur and other natural minerals. The good thing, though, is that you get used to it and won’t notice the smell after a while.

4. Prepare for High Tech Stuff

The Blue Lagoon is very high-tech! Once you check in, you are provided an electronic wristband that will be your lifeline during your visit. This wristband will allow you to gain access to your locker and also as payment for any meals or in-lagoon refreshments. Thus, there is no need to carry cash or your credit card while in the lagoon. Everything will be paid when you check out. So make sure your wristband is on securely! There’s no telling if you’ll be able to find it if it’s lost in that milky blue water!

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5. Towels are provided

Towels are provided for Comfort and Premium tickets (compare the tickets here), so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. Premium tickets also include the use of a bathrobe and slippers (flip flops). The flip flops are yours to keep. Honestly, you don’t really need a bathrobe if you have a towel and the flip flops had the Blue Lagoon logo on it, but were still pretty standard. If you’re on a budget, the Comfort ticket is the way to go!

6. Nudity will be experienced

Yes, you will see some naked people in the locker room, but nudity is not allowed in the actual Blue Lagoon. If needed, you can rent swimwear for an additional cost. But in the locker room, everyone is stripping down from the many layers of clothes to just their bathing suit. But don’t be too anxious. Nobody is looking at you, I promise. BUT! If you get too nervous to change in the open, there are private changing rooms available. Tip: Don’t worry about putting on your bathing suit yet because of the next tip! I would just change out of your layers and wrap yourself in a towel. Then….

7. Shower before entering

The Blue Lagoon requests that all guests shower before entering the lagoon – WITHOUT A BATHING SUIT! And yes, there are staff members who will politely ask that you do so before exiting the locker room. There are separate shower stalls with a door so you can shower in private. 

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8. Complimentary Toiletries

There are lots of complimentary toiletries that are included with your Blue Lagoon ticket. Each shower stall has conditioner and shower gel, which you’ll take full advantage of with Tip #9. You also have access to all the Q-tips and cotton rounds you desire ????. There are also hair dryers available so your hair doesn’t freeze in the cold air after your visit. 

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9. Protect your hair

As mentioned in the last tip, there is free conditioner and shower gel in each shower stall. You’ll want to use the conditioner liberally. And I mean liberally. If you think you have enough in your hair, put on more. There are minerals in the lagoon that can stiffen and dry out your hair, which is not a good look for the rest of your trip. And it will take several washes and days to get it back to normal. In order to protect your hair, lather on the conditioner and pull your hair into a high bun. I would not recommend dipping your hair into the water, even with conditioner on. 

10. Complimentary mud masks and drinks

Both the Comfort and the Premium tickets include a silica mud mask and one free drink of your choice. In order to experience the mud mask, you’ll swim up to the in-water mask bar, where you’ll get a dollop of silica mud, which you’ll spread all over your face and neck. The silica mud mask deep cleans and strengthens, leaving your skin fresh and clear. You’ll be instructed to leave the mask on for about 10 minutes, after which you can rinse it off right into the lagoon! 

Things to Know before Visiting Blue Lagoon

The Premium ticket includes a second mask of your choice. You can choose from another silica mud mask, an algae or mineral mask, or a lava scrub. You are also able to purchase these with your electronic wristband. 

The in-water bar allows you to enjoy drinks without having to even leave the warm water. You can choose from a selection of smoothies, juices, soft drinks, beer, and wine. Each time you choose a drink, your wristband will be scanned (your first one is free). Note that there is a limit of three alcoholic drinks per wristband for safety reasons.

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11. Protect your phone

Phones are allowed at the Blue Lagoon, but preparation is key before you go. I would not recommend taking your naked phone into the Blue Lagoon due to the hot steam and the possibility of dropping it into the water! Before you leave for your Iceland trip, invest in a waterproof cell phone carrying case (we used these) that will help protect your phone while in the Blue Lagoon and allow you to capture all the great Instagram-worthy pics. In addition, if you plan on visiting waterfalls in Iceland (because how could you not!), these waterproof cases will prove to be very useful. 

And there you have it! Eleven things you need to know before visiting the Blue Lagoon! Do you plan on going to the Blue Lagoon while you’re in Iceland? If you have been to the Blue Lagoon, what other things can you add to this list? Tell us about your experience and what you think about this list below!

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