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Why the library is the coolest place to hang out this summer

Now that Remy is 11 months old (!) and is more aware of his surroundings, we are trying to find more places to take him to interact with the world around him. Especially since it’s summer, we like cheap places to hang out indoors to stay cool. And that’s why we go to the local library! Read on to see why you may start going to the library since it’s the hippest hangout place in town.


Library 1
Remy’s very first time to the library!



Starting Literacy Early

I am very passionate about literacy and even started reading stories out loud to Remy as soon as we found out we were pregnant with him! By taking Remy to the library at least a few times a month, I’m hoping to instill a love for books and reading as he grows up. Research has shown that reading helps in brain development, especially when babies are young and this development occurs at lightning speed! When little ones are being read to, their brain cells actually light up and existing brain cell connections are strengthened while new ones are formed. Reading also lays the foundation for your child’s language and literacy skills that will become important in everyday life!


Children-specific area

Most libraries have a children-specific area in the library with mini-sized tables and chairs that make your little ones feel right at home. This area will most likely be furnished in bright colors and lots of toys. Our library has a great children’s area with soft carpet to crawl or walk on and tons of toys to play with. The area is open and airy and free of constraints or hazards. This area also engages the senses with colored-glass windows, soft furniture, and even a water wall complete with bubbles that always seems to amaze Remy.


Library 2
Children-specific area in the library


Library 3
The amazing water wall at our local library!



Because of the children’s play area, parents bring in their little ones to the library all the time! This means that there are lots of new friends for your baby to interact and play with. And it’s also a great way for parents to socialize as well! Chat with other parents while your children play together, allowing you some much-needed adult time.


Free activities and storytime

Libraries host many activities geared towards infants and toddlers. These activities include storytime or singalongs. And the best part is that they’re all free! Check your local library’s website to see what they have to offer.


Library Schedule
Our local library’s schedule of events for infants and toddlers


Remy loves storytime! He is so mesmerized by the hand puppets and funny voices that they use to tell his favorite tales. He loves to dance and clap his hands along with the other kids. It’s a great way to get out of the house and interact with other parents and babies, while also promoting literacy.


Borrow books…and TOYS!

The library exposes you and your child to more books than you can dream of! This allows your child to pick out as many books that they can carry, read it throughout the week, and return them the week after for a whole new pile! Your little one will never tire of another book again with this endless collection.

We know that you can borrow books from the library, but did you know that you may also borrow toys?! This depends on your library, of course, but definitely check to see if that’s an option. The toys that we can borrow include puzzles, puppets, musical instruments, toy cars and more! 


Library 4
The toys that we are borrowing!


We borrow the toys for up to 3 weeks at a time, but we often go once a week to check out new toys. Borrowing toys allows your little one to have a new rotation of things to play with without you having to spend a dime! It keeps them engaged and interested with new toys every few weeks! The library makes an effort to clean each toy, but it doesn’t hurt to sanitize quickly once you get home.


Library 5
Enjoying the library’s toys in the comfort of our home!


As you can tell, we love going to the library and we add it to our rotation for things to do on the weekend. Do you enjoy going to the library with your little one(s)? What kind of activities do they have to offer? I would love to hear from  you!


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