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Baby Bending Over and Looking Through Legs? Here’s One Surprising Theory

You are playing with your baby or toddler on the floor and suddenly, they bend over and look at you through their legs. They giggle and laugh and do it again! What could this possibly mean?! First, you are so impressed with their flexibility. Because let’s be real: when was the last time you could touch your toes? Then you wonder if they are trying to do yoga with this downward dog pose?

Or does a quick internet search inform you that this could predict pregnancy?! (Okay, that took a sudden left turn!) Before you freak out, let’s dive into what it really means when your baby bends over to look through their legs.

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What Does it Mean When Baby Bends Over and Looks Through Their Legs?

Here are some possible reasons why your baby is peering at the world from between their legs in a downward dog pose:

Physical Development

As your little one starts exploring on their feet, they will start experimenting with what else they can do! Bending and looking through legs is one of these milestones. You can expect your toddler to start doing this around 14-16 months.

Once your child realizes they can bend over without falling over, they may keep doing so for exercise and amazement. They will do this to stretch their legs, play with their friends, or even try to tumble!

So next time you see your baby doing some yoga-inspired moves, let them! Supervise them to make sure their head and small tumbles don’t cause harm. Otherwise, letting them get a bit of baby exercise in is harmless. This, as well as riding a balance bike or jumping on a trampoline, helps develop gross motor skills.

There are benefits to yoga for small children when done correctly. It’s a great activity to get your kid moving!

toddler girl bending over and looking through legs in downward dog pose

Imitating Their Friends

During the toddler stage, your little one will start to copy anyone and everyone. They may see their friends bend over to look through their legs at school. And suddenly, you will have a yoga master doing the downward dog in the middle of your living room too!

If you can, try and capture these milestones and funny moments! Here’s a great guide to taking gorgeous photos of your children using just your smartphone. Maybe this is even something you can include in their baby time capsule.

Exploring the World in a Different Way

One reason your child may be bending at the waist and looking through their legs is out of simple curiosity. As adults, we often forget that the world is so new in the eyes of our children. It’s amazing to experience the awe that they have by seeing something for the first time.

So if you see your child bent over, maybe they’re trying to make sense of the world from this new perspective! Interact with them by bending over too! They will giggle and laugh at you doing the same thing.

Old Wive’s Tale: Can Your Child Predict Pregnancy?

Alright, your child peering through their legs after bending at the waist is cute.  But is there anything that this downward dog pose could…predict?

According to an old wive’s tale, a baby that bends over to look between their legs knows you’re pregnant! The superstition even says that your child may know you’re pregnant before you do. When a baby or toddler is looking through their legs, they are looking for their sibling.

This alone shouldn’t make you panic and buy a pregnancy test at 2 am!  But it’s an interesting theory of why a baby bends over and peers through their legs. If you’re planning for baby #2 (or more,) there’s no harm in checking!

toddler girl bending over looking through legs in downward dog pose

When to Be Concerned

It seems like your child’s flexibility is a good and charming way for them to interact with the world! Here are some situations to watch out for when your child bends over.

Observe for signs of pain. Are they grimacing when they bend over? Is there a particular position that causes them pain? Supervising your child will help prevent them from overexerting themselves.

Another thing to watch out for is any sign of spine curvature. When a baby or child bends over, the spine should be aligned in a straight line. A spine that isn’t quite straight could cause complications later.

If you notice pain or spine curvature, consult the pediatrician right away.

Your Baby’s Yoga Poses Are Natural

When you are playing with your child and they bend over to look through their legs, they are most likely having fun. They are learning how their body works and are curious how the world looks in a different perspective.

It’s also fun to know that there is an old wive’s tale that predicts that you are pregnant if your child is bending over and looking through their legs.

Encourage your child to explore their flexibility and gross motor skills. Heck, if you are flexible enough, join in on the fun! You might surprise yourself with how much fun it is!

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