A FREE DIY Father’s Day Printable That Will Melt Hearts

Father’s day is just around the corner! EEK! Are you ready? This will be Chris’ first Father’s Day, so I wanted to make something extra special with Remy’s tiny feet (while they’re still tiny ????)!

This printable will make a great decoration for the nursery, home office, or bookshelf! And it’s easily customizable to any color schemes or your home decor – you choose the paint color! Best of all, it’s pretty simple to do. Just print out the free printable, paint your little one’s feet, and make a footprint!

TIP: Print out multiple copies so that you have back-ups, just in case a footprint is smeared or it didn’t turn out the way you like.

Time: 10 minutes


  • Baby
  • Free printable (print multiple copies)
  • Non-toxic, washable paint
  • Foam Paintbrush
  • Baby wipes or wet towel

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Gather all of your materials

You want everything within hand’s reach as much as possible. Once you plop baby down and they have painted feet, you don’t want to be moving around too much.

I couldn’t find our foam paintbrush, so I just used a flat paintbrush that worked pretty well. I do recommend the foam paintbrush, since it’s a little easier to spread the paint over your little one’s toesies!

Father's Day Footprint Materials

I used Martha Stewart craft paint in “Wild Blueberry”. It’s non-toxic and water based so it’s safe for baby and easy to clean up.

Father's Day Footprint Paint

Choose your location

Pick a place that is pretty open, away from fragile items or anything you don’t want paint on. I recommend doing this on a flat surface with an old sheet or towel covering the floor to protect it.  The paint is non-toxic and washable, but just in case. I used Remy’s splat mat on the deck, since it was a nice day. The only thing I didn’t account for was the wind, so I have some paint on my socks, but that’s okay. 🙂

Father's Day Footprints 1

Buckle down your budding artist

A high chair or a Bumbo works great for this. I used a Bumbo to keep Remy in one place, but it allowed his feet to be free to do the artwork! I stripped Remy down to his diaper, just in case!

Father's Day Footprints 2
Remy kept curling his toes because he was ticklish and we never got a full footprint with all toes!

Get to work

Have an assembly line of your printables. This way, once you paint your baby’s feet, all you need to do is stamp it and move to the next printable. I suggest painting one foot at a time. Once all of your printables have that footprint, clean that foot with a baby wipe and start again with the other foot, making a heart shape. Don’t worry about making it too perfect – it will be adorable just the way it is!

Don’t forget to sign your little one’s name next to “love always,”, using paint or a marker!

Father's Day Footprints 3

Father's Day Footprints Clean Up
Non-toxic and water based paint makes for easy clean up!

Let your printables dry – it shouldn’t take more than an hour. Then choose the best one and you have a great father’s day gift from your little one!

Father's Day Footprint Final

Father's Day Printable Closeup

I found a frame from Michael’s that matched the blue footprint perfectly! No matter how you choose to present this footprint art to their father, I know he will love it! So subscribe below to get your free printable! I would love to hear from you and how you plan on spending Father’s Day with your loved ones!


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Free Father's Day Printable Pinterest

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