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How to Attach a Bow to a Cranial Helmet: Complete 5-minute DIY Guide

Your baby girl just received her cranial helmet – yay! She’s on her way to getting a round noggin! Now your daughter will be wearing this helmet for the majority of the day for the next few weeks to months. It’s time to add some personality and pizazz!

There are many options to decorate a baby’s cranial helmet. You can choose from decals, vinyl wraps, paint, or a combination! And if you have a girl, you can also embellish the helmet with a bow. 😍 And even better, how about interchangeable bows?! Read on for a DIY guide to attaching a bow to a cranial helmet.

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The Helmet Decoration Dilemma

When our daughter had her DocBand helmet, we opted to keep the helmet white. But I still wanted to embellish it every now and then with a bow. I wanted a system where we can change out the bow color or pattern to match the outfit she’s wearing. I mean, that only makes sense, right?

Plus, she would still look cute for all of the mommy photography sessions. 😜

With this DIY guide, you can make a set of 10, 20, or even more bows for your little girl’s helmet. And what you need costs $10 plus the cost of the bows.

Even better, these bows can be used AFTER your daughter graduates from her cranial helmet! Win-win.

adding bow to cranial helmet example with yellow bow


  • Self-adhesive dots
  • Bows
  • Cranial helmet

Instructions to Attach a Bow to a Cranial Helmet:

Clean Helmet and Gather Materials

First, you will want to clean the helmet where you will be attaching the bow. This is to remove any dust or oil so the self-adhesive dot will adhere properly. You can use an alcohol swab or cotton square soaked with rubbing alcohol. Allow this to dry.

Next, gather all of your materials. The self-adhesive dots can be found in most retail stores. This includes Target, Wal-mart, or the neighborhood dollar store. However, if you find that you need a whopping 500-count, you can find a huge roll of them at Amazon. They may be called fastener dots, hook and loop dots, Velcro, etc.

For the bows, I recommend ones with the alligator clip. It allows for a flat surface for the self-adhesive dot to attach to.

We got the majority of our bows from Amazon. There’s a pack of 40 bows with every color imaginable! That way, you know that there’s a bow to match every single outfit.

materials needed to add bow to cranial helmet: helmet, self-adhesive dots, bows

Attach Self-Adhesive Dot to Cranial Helmet

Now attach one side of a self-adhesive dot pair to the cranial helmet. I recommend attaching the “loop” side to the helmet. This way, if your daughter doesn’t wear a bow, the self-adhesive dot doesn’t catch lint and fuzz in it. I only know this from experience.

Plus, the softer “loop” side won’t scratch anybody if you try to snuggle your little one.

adding self-adhesive dot to cranial helmet for adding bow

Attach Self-Adhesive Dot to Bows

Once you attach the “loop” side to the helmet, you’ll attach the “hook” sides to each bow. Find the flattest part underneath the bow to attach the dot to. Press firmly to adhere.

This will mean that you’ll have lots of extra “loop” sides. But that’s okay since you have 300 pairs. 😉

adding self-adhesive dot to bow for cranial helmet

Mix and Match Bows on Cranial Helmet

And now you’re done! To wear a particular bow, simply pair it to the self-adhesive dot on the helmet. To remove, gently peel the bow off.

I found that the self-adhesive dots were pretty sturdy. But when Lily went through the “pulling everything” phase, she would lift off one (or a few) of the dots. There’s no harm done! We replaced it with another one and it was as good as new.

adding bow to cranial helmet with self-adhesive dot

What to Do With the Bows After Helmet Graduation

Thankfully, your little one will only need a cranial helmet for a few months. After they are “well-rounded” and graduate, what can you do with all of these bows? Luckily, it’s easy to remove the self-adhesive dots from the back of the bows.

And then you have regular bows again that your daughter can wear in her hair. That is if she has hair. We are still waiting patiently for Lily’s hair to grow. 🤣

Embellish Your Child’s Cranial Helmet

There are so many ways to decorate a baby’s helmet. This DIY bow project can supplement any wrap or painting that is done. Or it can be the sole decoration as we chose! It only takes about 5 minutes (unless you have tons of bows) and can be done for less than $10.

adding bow to cranial helmet example on baby with blue bow

How did you decorate your baby’s cranial helmet? If you plan to use this DIY project to attach a bow to it, I would love to see the outcome! Comment below or tag me on Instagram at @adailydoseofmom. 😘

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