Valentine's Quote Framed

DIY Valentine’s Day Framed Love Quote

This blog post is a follow-up from our Sensory Valentine’s Day Art for Toddlers and will show you how to make beautiful Valentine’s Day decor using what your toddler just made using shaving cream and paint! You can also use any kind of paper you want!

Sensory Valentine's Day Art Finished

I thought that the marbled paper that Remy made (yes! He actually made this!) would made a great background for a love quote to frame to either hang or place on our bookshelf! My husband recently got me these pens for my Cricut Explore Air 2 and I have been wanting to test them out to do some typography prints. I love that these pens come in so many different colors and in fine point to really get those details. Did you know you can even make coloring pages with these pens? I will definitely be making some for Remy when he’s a little older!

Valentine's Quote Pens


-Homemade marbled construction paper (or any paper you like)

-Die cutting machine and accessories

Prep Materials

From the marbled prints that your toddler made, choose one that would look great with typography print. I wouldn’t use anything too busy as it may take away from the quote. Since the paper dried wavy from the paint, it did not want to lay flat on my Cricut cutting mat. It was vital that the paper did not move while the Cricut was writing, so I used painter’s tape to ensure that it was secure.

Valentine's Quote Prep

Using your die cutting machine software, design the quote that you would love to frame. I chose “You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had” from The Notebook. I love this quote because while it can be used as a romantic quote, it also applies to motherhood and our love for our children! ????

Because I have the Cricut Explore Air 2, I used Cricut Design Space and used one of the free fonts to type out the quote. I love the script font as it makes it more romantic!

Valentine's Quote Design

Let the machine work its magic

Now it’s time to let your die cutting machine do the hard work! Simply load in your cutting mat with your marble paper and just push “go”! Watch as magic happens and quote is written before your eyes by your machine. The font I chose was actually thicker than what the pen allows for, so it only drew the outline of the letters.

Valentine's Quote Finished

But that’s okay! I figured that I would just be able to fill in the letters once it was done “printing”. This was very easy to do with a Sharpie. ????

Valentine's Quote Fill In

Frame it

Once you’re done with your calligraphy quote, it’s time to frame it! Choose something that matches your decor or wherever you want to place it. I chose this sparkly frame that was a perfect fit for our bookshelf!

Valentine's Quote Bookshelf

I love how this love quote serves as a reminder of how lucky I am to be a wife to my husband and mother to Remy! What do you think? Will you be making one of your own framed love quotes?

Valentine's Day Love Quote Pin

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