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DIY Reusable Cotton Squares

Looking to make the switch to a greener lifestyle? These reusable cotton squares are not only great for the environment, but they spruce up your daily beauty routine! Read on to find out how to make these beauties for yourself or a lucky friend!

Why Reusable Cotton Squares?

As a semi-crunchy mom, I’ve been trying to increase my “crunchiness” to help decrease our carbon footprint on our beautiful Mother Nature. We already do cloth diapers and cloth wipes, so now it was time for ME to see how I can be more green! I noticed that I use soooo many disposable cotton rounds to put on toner or to remove makeup, sometimes even two cotton rounds at one time. This can certainly add up over time to 1,000 cotton rounds in a year! While disposable cotton rounds are cheap, the cost to the environment is exorbitant. Thus, I looked into making my own reusable cotton rounds/squares. The results were cotton squares that were functional, inexpensive, and chic!

Reusable Squares 3

The Fabric

There is an endless list of what you can use to construct your reusable cotton squares. There’s cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Bamboo and hemp are natural fibers that are super luxurious and soft on the skin, but also more expensive. Since I was making a practice set, I used 100% cotton for these cactus squares. It was even better that the cactus fabric was only $2.49 a yard at Joann Fabric (always double check for amazing coupons before you go).

I decided to make each square three layers: two layers of cotton flannel and one layer of minky fabric for the back. The minky fabric would allow for texture to make removing makeup easier. Another option you can consider for the back is terry cloth. And of course, you can have cotton flannel for all three layers. The middle layer will not be seen, so it can be any color/pattern that you have on hand.

Reusable Squares Layers

One great aspect of making your own reusable cotton squares is that you can choose whatever color or pattern that you want! Personalize your squares to your bathroom decor or your favorite color. Honestly, I can’t tell you why I chose this cactus fabric, but it was calling my name in the store! For future gifts, I will pick the fabric depending on who I’m making these reusable cotton squares for. ????

For all of my projects, I pre-wash my material in case of shrinkage. The worst thing that could happen is you sew your pretty squares first, then wash them and they come out the size of a postage stamp! ????

Reusable Squares 4

The Construction

The reason why I chose to make squares versus rounds was pure laziness. ???? It’s much easier to cut squares than to cut rounds. Actually! Squares waste less fabric, so it wasn’t all laziness. ???? Using a ruler, cutting mat, and rotary cutter, I cut 3-inch squares. You don’t necessarily need these fancy materials; a ruler and fabric scissors would be more than sufficient.

Reusable Squares Cut

Once you have your layers cut, use a sewing machine or serger to combine them. I used a serger and used a ¼  inch seam allowance so the final squares are 2.5 inches. If you use a sewing machine, you want to use a stitch that binds the edge as well so that it won’t unravel when you wash them, such as a zig zag or overlock stitch. When using a sewing machine, you won’t have a seam allowance, so the final squares will the same size that you cut them originally. If you want smaller squares, adjust the cutting size.

Store, Use, Wash, and Repeat!

Make as many squares as you like! I made enough to last me to the next wash cycle – about 14 or so. Choose a pretty container to store your reusable cotton squares in your bathroom.

Reusable Squares 2

Everytime you need a cotton square, reach for one of your homemade ones instead! Once you’re done, instead of discarding the cotton square into the trash, rinse it and toss it in the laundry! I use a small mesh bag to keep all of my used squares so they don’t get lost in the washing or drying machine. I tend to rinse my squares quickly with plain cold water after using to prevent any staining from mascara or makeup. After the laundry is done, you have a nice new stack of clean reusable cotton squares!

Reusable Squares Wash

These beautiful reusable cotton squares were so fast and easy to make! I seriously made them during one of Remy’s naps over the weekend! I love that every time I wash my face or apply toner, I’m doing a little bit in my part to save our planet. 🙂 Of course, if you prefer not to make your own reusable cotton squares, there are so many retailers who offer this product!

Would you make or use reusable cotton squares? What color or pattern would yours be? I would love to hear what you think!

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